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10 Must-Follow Belgian Landscape Photographers

Updated: Jan 10

Stunning drone shots, impressive panoramas, dramatic seascapes, or creative forest photos: you can find it all in web portfolios of Belgian landscape photographers. Here’s my list of Belgian photographers you really should pay some attention to.

Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove - Website

Jeroen is an award-winning Belgian photographer residing in Iceland. He dedicates most of his photography to documenting the Central Highlands and vulcanic eruptions in Iceland. He received international attention for his dedication and work at the Fadradalsfjall eruptions.

In 2022 he self-published the book New Earth covering the events of the Geldingadalir volcanic eruption.

© 2023 JVN Photography

Sébastien Nagy  - Instagram

Sébastien Nagy is a photographer born in Brussels, Belgium. He is known for his aerial photography and has won several awards for his work, including the overall first prize in the Aerial Photography Awards in 2020. He acquired his first drone in 2017 and began travelling to other countries in Europe and beyond in search of new cities and landscapes. His Instagram account has over 260,000 followers.

In 2022 he published Man Made, his first photo book.

© 2022 Sébastien Nagy

Katia Van Buyten - Website


Katia’s photography tends towards abstract and minimalism. Her photos are without reference to time or space, stripped from all distractions. Poetic, melancholic images of dead trees, desolate landscapes with no living creature in sight or where man is depicted as an insignificant being.

© 2023 Katia Van Buyten

Bart Ceuppens - Website

Bart Ceuppens is a Belgian photographer with a heart for nature and travel photography. As a point and shoot photographer, he rather follows his instinct than emphaatically following the traditional rules of photography.

© 2023 Bart Ceuppens

Anja Vanderelst - Website


Anja is a photographer based in Tervuren. As a travel enthusiast, she is known for her artistic and beautiful captures of landscapes and cities throughout Europe. Her work has been featured on her portfolio website.

© 2022 Anja Vanderelst

Tristan Jacobs - Website

Tristan Jacobs dedicates his photography to capturing the beauty of woodlands. Tristan also conducts photography workshops.

© 2023 Tristan Jacobs

Wouter Pattyn - Website

Wouter Pattyn is a free-lance wildlife and nature photographer. As an author and photographer, he has published several books on nature and wildlife photography. He also is a regular writer for photography magazines. His work has been featured in books, magazines and newspapers.

© 2023 Wouter Pattyn

Bart Heirweg - Website

Bart Heirweg’s photos have been published in national and international photo magazines and have won several awards. They are commissioned by public and private companies, tourist offices, advertising agencies as well as interior designers and their clients. Bart’s pictures bring natural beauty into their living or working space.

© 2023 Bart Heirweg

Ingrid Vekemans - Website

Ingrid has always been fascinated by Africa, first going there in 1994.Although this continent and its wildlife remain her main focus, in recent years she has become involved in nature photography closer to home. Based in Belgium, wildlife, woods and the small world are her favourite subjects, but landscape photography also takes her interest.

Ingrid's work has received several international awards and she regularly writes articles for photography magazines.

© 2023 Ingrid Vekeman

Michiel Pieters - Website

He discovered his love for outdoor photography while on a road trip through New Zealand in the beginning of 2015. His work nowadays focuses mainly on the feeling he got being on the road for the very first time: adventure. With his work he tries to inspire as many people as he can to head out themselves and see the world with their own eyes. 

© 2023 Michiel Pieters

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