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Father - Photographer - Dreamer - Engineer - Pizza lover - Springsteen fan - Book reader - Chest hair owner - Traveller

My name is Ben, a self-taught freelance landscape photographer living in Belgium. My interest in photography exploded in 2016, when the age counter was already indicating 45. One could say I was a reasonable late bloomer. But you are never too old to chase your dreams.


After trying out multiple photography genres, including portraiture and artistic nude photography, I became excited about landscape photography. Since then, I started to dedicate my skills to capturing the beauty of landscapes and nature through my lens.


I am rooted in an immense passion for the great outdoors, and I am fueled by discovering new places. I have been fortunate enough to visit fantastic locations and be part of their wonders. Every time the rivers start to sing, or the mountains ask me to dance, when a mystic forest wants to play hide and seek or the waves invite me for a cup of coffee on the beach, something unexplainable happens to me, something that goes beyond words. This feeling I can only reveal by creating ethereal images that evoke peaceful solitude and portray the beauty of matching one’s heartbeat with the pulse of nature.


I combine my photography passion with a professional engineering job. Both worlds fascinate me. As a result, industrial or architectural elements are regularly included in my landscape photography.



Thank you for following my journey here.

Awards, exhibitions and features

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Best photo nomination of the 2019 35 Awards in the category 'Urban landscape' with 'Reflections' ​​​​

Best photo nomination of the 2020 35 Awards in the category 'Urban landscape' with 'Vroenhoeven bridge'



Hinterland Gallery Vienna, Austria (August 2019) 

Photo days 2023, Brussels (October 2023)

Van Onder de Radar 2024, Aarschot (Mei 2024)



Mijn Leuven, "Perplex doet dromen (uitkomen)" (May 2019)

Catalogue Production 5th 35Awards: Best photos and photographers of 2019 in the category 'Urban landscape' with 'Reflections'

Catalogue Production 6th 35Awards: Best photos and photographers of 2020 in the category 'Urban landscape' with 'Vroenhoeven bridge' Magazine 10, 2023 with 'Autumn Child'

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